Prepare monthly reports so you can check the profits more frequently and review

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Tax returns

Manage all tax compliance work from GST to end-of-year returns

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Business tools

Find the best system to monitor your business’s financial performance

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Who is EqualBiz?

Read all about Karen Stevens and her work

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Xero and more

We can work with your favourite accounting system

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How much?

Customised pricing to reflect your requirements

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EqualBiz – It all adds up

There you go we said it.

That’s that one out of the way, too.

For many small businesses those two words send hard workers running for the hills and at EqualBiz we completely understand.

Every client’s accounting experience should leave them feeling assured and confident that they understand their business performance and they are meeting tax compliance requirements. 

You need to get on with the job and we need to make accounting work for you.

Keeping business reporting simple keeps business owners in control.

Of course, EqualBiz also provides comprehensive accounting services to ensure every client claims everything they can, to keep tax at a legal minimum.

It all adds up. 

Working together

Every client is unique, and at EqualBiz you work directly with Karen Stevens who gets to know your business.

You won’t be changing from one staff member to another, from one year to the next, repeating information, and wondering if they really understand what your business is about.

Continuity is crucial at EqualBiz.

No business is too big or too small.


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EqualBiz Accounting reaching GOLD STATUS
Your accounting professional

"Delivered - simple, affordable and tax compliant." 

"Every client is important to us, the size of your business isn't what matters to us."


Peter Korff, Chartered Accountant

Karen worked with me and I was her employer for many years...

Chris Mogenson, Consultant

Karen does all of my accounting work, including business and family trust work...